Hear and Obey - Adam Truax

November 30th, 2020
Posted By: Jonathan Richey
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I have been reading through the entire bible again this year and I have felt like the idea of disciple making as the mission of God, and his first command to be fruitful and multiply are so connected together.

I have also been meditating on how Jesus does discipleship and have been noticing a massive incongruence in how we have traditionally done this in church environments. I have felt so convicted in this regard that I have started doing all of our R3 time together outside in the city.

Jesus was rarely in a living room, so maybe, neither should we.

My goal is to change how I disciple, to help people open their eyes to the kingdom realities around them all the time, eyes open to the beautiful thing God is doing as they walk through the streets. The last 3 weeks we have met down on a rock pier by the lake looking over the beautiful Toronto skyline at night praying over our city. We have met in a park and walked through the neighbourhood asking God to help us experience emotions like Jesus did. - Adam Truax