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r3 Groups

We want to be followers of Jesus who make disciples who make disciples who make disciples who make disciples. To do this, we emphasize three rhythms as we journey together in community. These rhythms form us to grow in hearing God together (UP), sharing life together (IN), and living on mission together (OUT).

Our desire is that you realize that you have the same power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8) as any other follower of Jesus! So we want to give you a space where the Scriptures can teach, correct, rebuke, and train you in righteousness (2 Tim 3:16), where you can discover your spiritual gifts (1 Cor 12:4-11), and where you can live the one-another lifestyle with others who are sharing in these rhythms (John 13:34-35).

Let us know down below where you currently find yourself on your journey of faith. We’d love to connect with you and help you along the way!

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Where do you currently find yourself on your journey of faith? (Please choose one option below)

A curious person is seeking more from life. Generally you're looking for identity, purpose, and meaning in what you're doing. You might long to be a part of something bigger and want to take action in your life. Spiritual matters are starting to interest you and you may even be engaging in spiritual practices as a means to help you discover identity and purpose.

A believer has started to accept who Jesus is and the life He offers. Your identity in Christ is beginning to reorder your desires and you're starting to see a glimpse of what destiny in Christ looks like. This is leading you to explore the presence of God through spiritual disciplines and your spiritual gifts while starting to discover the abundant life in community you were created for.

A disciple is someone who is rooted in their identity in Christ. You're becoming more consistent in spiritual disciplines because a growing relationship with God is important to you. As a result, you’re growing in how to hear and obey the voice of God. You’re becoming more comfortable with operating in your spiritual gifts and you’re actively pursuing the 'one-another lifestyle' within your church. Also, you're actively influencing your city and starting to take intentional steps towards influencing the world through making disciples.

A disciple maker has a burden to see others discover their identity in Christ. You actively live the 'one another lifestyle' and are inviting people to experience it instead of just hear about it. You're able to architect your life in a way where others can see how to imitate Christ through how you imitate Christ. As you hear and obey God consistently through your spiritual disciplines and operate in your spiritual gifts, the people you influence will share the fervency in Spirit you have to influence their city and the world.

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Kid City

We want to learn how to hear, trust, and obey the voice of God. Because of this, we include children in all aspects of our community and encourage families to worship together.

We want children to be around young adults just as we want young adults to be around older adults. With that in mind Kid City exists to teach, love, care for, and disciple children in our care.

On Sundays, we offer a nursing lounge for moms and infants and classes for children ages 2-11 divided into Tinytown, Downtown, Midtown, and Uptown.

We highly encourage parents and adults to get involved each week to assist in classes after undergoing our thorough screening and training process.

A young woman wearing a red long sleeve shirt smiles pleasantly at the camera while holding a sleeping baby.


The safety and security of children is very important to us. We ensure all of our teachers and workers have been properly screened and trained to provide a safe environment for discipleship.

A baby boy with big eyes looking right into the camera has a stoic expression and his hand on a woman's back.


Kid City is a part of a greater support system provided by parents and caretakers to help children discover their identity in Christ. We want each Sunday to be practical and beneficial not just for the child but family as well.

A young girl looking, smiling and laughing at the camera.


Discovering God and our place in God’s purpose can be very fun for children! Each week, we creatively help each child know the love of God and understand the importance of community.

What to Expect

Dropping off your child

  • Stop by our check-in station and check in all of your children at once.
  • Place your child’s name tag on them in a visible place - on their back works best!
  • Infants and newborns can be taken to the nursery immediately.
  • Children 2-11 will accompany you to the worship service and the service host will announce when the children will be dismissed.
  • Children will meet their teachers at the door and be escorted to a fun time!

Picking up your child

  • Immediately following the worship gathering, return to the check-in station where a volunteer will match your child with you.
  • Take your kids to enjoy time with other people in the church!

Send City

We have the desire to raise up the next generation of Christ-followers and servant-leaders who recognize that they are Kingdom citizens called to engage society and lead the Church through their gifts, abilities, talents, and passions.

We want to create a space for the Spirit to move and create a genuine, transparent community where our youth can share life together and use their spiritual gifts while learning to hear, trust, and obey God.

In doing so, we've created a safe space for youth who are not yet a part of our community to feel welcome in order for them and their families to experience a community of believers through the love and truth of Christ.

Send City gathers every Sunday with youth grades 7-12 from 12:30pm-1:30pm and throughout the week at various times. See you soon!

4 youth sitting around a group of desks reading bibles and eating chips


Our deepest hope is that our youth would develop a rich and genuine relationship with God through His Word. We don’t just want to develop good programs but we want to develop followers of Jesus who are led by the power of the Holy Spirit.

A group of youth and adults praying for and laying hands on a young woman


Community is one of our core values. One of the ways our youth grow in their faith is through our Sunday gatherings and through our small groups.

5 youth posing in front of the basketball court in a large sports arena


Our prayer is that, as our youth are being discipled and mentored, they would live on mission by influencing our city and the world through their gifts and passion.