How to Give

Tax deductible receipts will be issued at the beginning of each following year.

Online Giving

Thank you for helping support Trinity Life Church.

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Give by Mail

Please make cheques out to: Trinity Life Church

Mailing Address:

Trinity Life Church

225 Wellesley Street East Unit#4B

Toronto, ON M4X 1X8

Sunday Giving

Each Sunday we have giving envelopes available. Please make sure to place cash and cheque offerings inside the envelopes. Fill out name and address information and you will be entered into our giving database.

An exuberant group of young people laugh and high-five one another in the park on a warm summer evening.

Where Does Giving Go?

Whenever you give, you're supporting the vision and mission of our local church, but also the vision and mission of the Kingdom of God in various places. Our giving goes to supporting disciplemaking in Toronto, working with our city, church planting, multifaith work, global work, the cooperative program which supports seminaries, missionaries, and disaster relief, the operations of Trinity Life, and benevolence to those inside and outside the church.

Glocal Gift
Glocal is the term we use to include the ways that we influence our city and the world through our approach called The New Common. TLC’s DNA has always included engaging as a community with our city. Periodically, we launch this campaign for all of The New Common activities and we need your help to keep these thriving!

TLC appreciates all gifts it receives and is especially honoured by those gifts that are entrusted to us without restrictions. These gifts give our leadership team the flexibility to respond to current needs or new opportunities.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept restricted gifts for programs or projects that are not already approved by TLC. If you desire to make a donation to one of our existing specific programs or projects, please know that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason as determined by TLC, the remaining restricted contributions will be used where needed most.

Check out this blogpost that details all of the areas your Glocal Gift supports!