We’re passionate about providing a safe environment where kids can ask questions, learn new concepts, and have fun finding out about Jesus Christ and their identity as children of God.

A young woman wearing a red long sleeve shirt smiles pleasantly at the camera while holding a sleeping baby.


The safety and security of children is very important to us. We make sure that all of our teachers and workers have been properly screened and trained to provide a safe environment for discipleship.

A baby boy with big eyes looking right into the camera has a stoic expression and his hand on a woman's back.


KidCity is a part of a greater support system provided by parents and caretakers to help children discover their identity in Christ. We want each Sunday to be practical and beneficial not just for the child, but the family as well.

A young girl looking, smiling and laughing at the camera.


Discovering God and our place in God’s purpose can be a very fun thing for children. Each week we creatively help each child know the love of God and understand the importance of community.

A group of young kids sitting on coloured mats; one of the kids with red hair is laughing with his head back as two young women speak to the group.

What to Expect

Dropping off your child

  • Stop by our check-in station and check in all of your children at once.
  • Place your child’s name tag on them in a visible place (back works best!).
  • Infants and newborns can be taken to the nursery immediately.
  • Children 2-11 will accompany you to the worship service and the service host will announce when the children will be dismissed.
  • Children will meet their teachers at the door and be escorted to a fun time!

Picking up your child

  • Immediately following the worship gathering, return to the check-in station where a volunteer will match your child with you.
  • Take your kids to enjoy time with other people in the church!


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