If you’re investigating Jesus, the Bible, and faith in God or if you struggle with doubt:

The Reason for God—An image of a white book cover with black text that reads “The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism.”

The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Tim Keller (2009)

Many people have found this book helpful when it comes to questions modern people ask about Christianity. The author does a good job at presenting common questions and objections raised by people and then provides possible ways to think through the issues.

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RZIM—A navy blue logo for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries with the acronym RZIM in white and a partial image of a pillar in front of the text.

RZIM Ministries

If you have questions and you like listening to lecture style audio, check this website out! RZIM has been engaging thoughtful learners for decades and is helping those with intellectual doubts work through their struggles.

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If you want to grow more in hearing God:

Hearing God—An image of a book cover with a light green-hued serene, misty image of a lake surrounded by a forest. The words “Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God” are overlaid on the lake.

Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God by Dallas Willard (2012)

This is a foundational book for developing a personal relationship with God through learning to recognize His voice.

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Desiring God—A photo of a woman from behind from the shoulders up with a backpack, a jacket, and a colourfully woven touque looking out onto the busy streets of a lighted city at night with the words “The Inexplicable Life” overlaid in white.

Desiring God

One of the greatest online portals for those looking for resources to grow in faith. All of John Piper’s books are free in PDF format!

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If you need help with your devotional life:

Henri Nouwen Society

The writings of Henri Nouwen will lead you deeper into the spiritual realities that inform your daily life.

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Examen—A black image with the word “Examen” in all caps in a metallic-colour overlaid with “.ME” underneath in a green rectangle.


An online devotional tool that helps you with reading through the Bible, journaling, and memorizing helpful passages in the Bible.

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If you’re dealing with mental illness such as depression, anxiety, or mood disorders:

Depression—A image of a book cover with a darkened staircase that leads up to a lighted area with the word “Depression” in all caps written along the wall of the staircase. Also the words “Looking Up from the Stubborn Darkness” are written along the bottom of the stairs in a light green font.

Depression: Looking Up from the Stubborn Darkness by Edward T Welch (2011)

Many people we know have read this book and found it relatable, practical, and very helpful. There’s hope if you struggle in these ways!

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Qideas—An artist’s rendering of many faces in a multi-coloured hue with the words “Mental Illness: What is the Church’s Role?” overlaid in white.

Qideas: Mental Illness What is the Church’s Role?

This is just an article online, but it is filled with useful links and resources.

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If you want to dive into biblical theology:

Drama of Scripture—An artist’s rendering of people working in a wheat field with mountains and trees in the background. The text “The Drama of Scripture: Finding our place in the biblical story” is overlaid in black.

The Drama of Scripture: Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story by Bartholomew and Goheen (2014)

This book is an introduction to the basic storyline and theology of the Bible. Throughout, the authors suggest, God is revealed through the story and calls us to participate in His drama.

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The Bible Project—A light turquoise background with a white quote box divided up into a section for each word entitled “The Bible Project.”

The Bible Project

Short, fun, and high quality animated videos summarizing each book of the Bible.

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If you're interested in engaging global issues:

Glocalization—An image of a book cover that is half white and is a half multi-blue hued image of the globe in pixels with a black and white rendition of a compass in the middle over the Mediterranean and the words “Glocalization: How Followers of Jesus Engage a Flat World” centred on the cover where Antarctica would be.

Glocalization: How Followers of Jesus Engage a Flat World by Bob Roberts Jr. (2009)

Bob is a close friend of Trinity Life and has taught us how to engage the local community around us and the global issues around the world. Bob explains that globalization isn’t just effecting the economy, but also how the Kingdom of God is coming.

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Glocal.net—A black and white picture of a middle-aged Asian man speaking from the shoulders up on the left side of the the image. On the right side, the words “Building Relationships” in all caps and light blue, then underneath that the words “Working Together” in all caps and white, then underneath that the words “Loving Boldly” in all caps and light blue.


Glocalnet is the online blog of Bob Roberts and provides additional resources on how to engage globally and how to build relationships with people of various backgrounds around the world.

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If church planting seems interesting to you:

Kingdom First—An image of a book cover with the top half depicting the sun shining behind clouds and the bottom half depicting fast-moving traffic on a busy highway through a city centre. The word “Kingdom” is written in slim all caps text in the clouds and the word “First” is written in big bold all caps over the city image with the words “Starting Churches that Shape Movements” in slimmer all caps text underneath.

Kingdom First by Jeff Christopherson (2015)

Jeff is also a close friend of Trinity Life. This is one of the best books describing how to plant churches by putting the Kingdom of God first - not worship gatherings. This book is practical and can be read by anyone not just pastors, church planters, or ministry leaders.

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TCP—A blue-hued photo of the Toronto city skyline showing the Rogers Centre, CN Tower, and the large skyscrapers of downtown.

Toronto Church Planting

TCP is a church planting network for those interested in helping to start churches in the GTA. There are great resources here for learning about church planting, but also actual work that’s happening in the GTA.

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If you'd like to learn more about how we're multiplying our Body Life Groups:

Community: Where God Dwells

This book is not only a groundbreaking lesson from the church in the East, but also a life-altering lesson in what the Spirit of God actually wants to do in our midst.

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If you’d like to grow as a leader in the workplace or in the church:

The Making of a Leader—An image of a book cover with a centre-expanding hue of light red to dark red and the words “The Making of A” in white all caps text and the word “Leader” in larger black all caps text. The words “Recognizing the Lessons and Stages of Leadership Development” follow in smaller all caps white and black text.

The Making Of A Leader: Recognizing the Lessons and Stages of Leadership Development by Robert Clinton (2012)

This is a seminal leadership text that recognizes that there are different stages of leadership throughout the life of the leader. It will help you recognize where you are and how to get where God wants you to go.

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If you’re looking to sharpen your parenting skills:

God, Marriage, etc.—An image of a book cover with a burgundy hue and a dark image of a tree with exposed roots with the words “God, Marriage and Family: Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation” overlaid in white.

God, Marriage, And Family: Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation by Andreas J. Kostenberger (2010)

This book lays a solid foundation for the Christian understanding of marriage and family and how that should impact the way we live in society.

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