Adam Truax

Ministries & Discipleship

Lightning Round…

Education: Business Diploma at George Brown; BA Business at Griffith University Australia; MDiv at Wycliffe College

Family: Married to Emily; 1 daughter, Blakely; I have one younger brother

Favourite Toronto Eats: Indie Ale House & Barque

Favourite Coffee Shop: I’m not old enough for coffee

Family Tradition: Making pickles in the fall

Favourite Snack Food: Salt and vinegar chips

Favourite Bible Account/Book: Ephesians

Fiction Book Recommendation: Horus Heresy novel series & The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis

Nonfiction Book Recommendation: Church for Every Context by Michael Moynagh and Philip Harrold & Mere Christianity by CS Lewis

Favourite Way to Relax: Snuggle with my wife and baby girl

Favourite Place You’ve Travelled: Australia