Jamie Aplin

Worship & Culture

Lightning Round…

Education: Barely got through!

Family: Married to Joanna; 4 children, Jagori, Mani, Olivia & Kate! I’m the youngest of 3, with two older sisters.

Favourite Toronto Eats/Restaurant: Canyon Creek

Favourite Coffee Shop: Haven’t had a proper opportunity to explore yet, so at this point it’s at home.

Family Tradition You Have: We’re not big on tradition, but we love adventure.

Favourite Snack Food: Nachos

Fiction Book Recommendation: Chronicles Of Narnia Series by C.S Lewis

Nonfiction Book Recommendation: Spirit Filled Church by Terry Virgo

Favourite Bible Account/Book: It changes all of the time; currently 1 Samuel 3

Favourite Way to Relax: Enjoying coffee with my wife

Favourite Place You’ve Travelled: Scotland